How To Fix New Hp Printer Won’t Print

Convenience, effectiveness, and the ability to materialize digital ideas are all promised with the release of a new HP printer. However, excitement can quickly turn to regret if your new HP printer won’t print properly. Intricate devices like printers occasionally have issues, especially when they are brand-new and not fully configured. This comprehensive manual will take you step-by-step through an extensive troubleshooting procedure to help you fix common printing issues on your new HP printer printing problem and make sure your printing experience lives up to your expectations.

1. Check Physical Connections: 

Verifying that all physical connections have been made is the initial step in fixing any printing problems in the HP printer. Start by making sure the outlet and printer are firmly connected to the power line. Check that all USB and network connections, as well as the printer’s connection to your computer or network router, are made firmly.

2. Inspect Paper Loading: 

For proper printing, the paper must be loaded correctly. Make that the appropriate type and size of paper are placed in the relevant tray. Paper jams and printing problems might be brought on by misaligned or overstuffed paper trays.

3. Assess Ink or Toner Levels:

One of the major reasons why your new HP printer won’t print properly can be low ink. Printing operations could stall due to low ink or toner levels. Check the ink or toner levels using the control panel on your printer or a program on your computer that is similar. Replace the cartridges with new ones if the levels are low.

4. Run Print Head Alignment:

Many HP printers have a print head alignment feature that ensures accurate ink distribution. This process enhances print quality and can help to correct printing snags. The print head alignment procedure can be started using the control panel on the printer or the software on your computer.

5. Update or Reinstall Printer Drivers:

Outdated or flawed printer drivers might cause communication issues between your computer and the printer. On the official HP website, look for the most recent drivers for your specific printer model, download them, and install them on your system. This process typically resolves compatibility and connectivity issues.

6. Set Your HP Printer as Default:

Printing may become confusing if your computer unintentionally sets a different printer as the default. Make sure your new HP printer is set as the default printing device to prevent these issues. This may fix your HP printer won’t print problem.

7. Clear the Print Queue:

A backlogged print queue may cause printing errors and delays. Empty the print queue, then restart the printer to finish any unfinished prints.

8. Perform a Reboot of the Printer and Computer:

One tried-and-true repair that has shown to work well is restarting the affected devices. You should shut off your computer and printer before waiting a little period to restart them. Common practice typically resolves minor difficulties that can be preventing communication.

9. Leverage HP Print and Scan Doctor:

HP provides a helpful diagnostic tool called “HP Print and Scan Doctor.” Numerous printer-related issues can be automatically detected and resolved by this software. After downloading, use this tool to correctly identify any printer-related problems.

10. Firewall and Antivirus Assessment:

Strong firewall or antivirus settings could occasionally mistakenly stop your computer and printer from communicating. Turn off these programs for a moment, then try printing again to check whether the HP printer won’t print issue has been resolved.

11. Thoroughly Check for Paper Jams:

The printer may have a small piece of paper stuck inside it even though there may not be any evident paper jams. Check inside the printer for any paper or other debris before carefully opening it.

12. Check for updates to the firmware

Manufacturers frequently provide firmware upgrades to correct bugs and enhance printer performance. If your specific printer model has any available firmware updates, check the HP website.

13. Take into account a printer settings reset:

When everything else fails, returning the printer to its factory default settings will usually solve issues by restoring it to its initial setup. Consult the user manual for specific instructions on how to reset your printer.

14. Request Professional Help from HP Support:

If the problem persists despite your efforts, don’t be afraid to ask HP customer service for help. Their expert assistance might offer insights particular to your printer model and more difficult troubleshooting methods.


It can be frustrating to run into printing troubles with a new HP printer but keep in mind that the majority of problems have workable fixes. You can methodically identify and address the underlying problems that are impairing your printer’s operation by carefully following the extensive troubleshooting instructions described in this manual. You can successfully troubleshoot and fix the problem of a new HP printer that won’t print with the assistance of your methodical approach and perseverance, regardless of whether the problem is with connectivity, software configuration, or hardware. And if you run into trouble, keep in mind that our customer support staff is there to offer guidance specific to the requirements of your printer.


Why won’t my new HP printer print?

Unresolved connectivity, driver, or configuration issues can cause printing problems in new HP printers. Our guide provides step-by-step solutions to troubleshoot and fix these issues.

How do I check ink levels on my new HP printer?

Access the printer’s control panel or accompanying software on your computer to check the ink or toner levels. If levels are low, replacing cartridges may solve printing issues.

Why is my new HP printer producing faded prints?

Faded prints can result from low ink or toner levels, incorrect print settings, or misaligned print heads. Our guide offers detailed instructions to address these issues.

What should I do if my new HP printer frequently jams paper?

Frequent paper jams might stem from improper paper loading or debris inside the printer. We guide proper paper loading and checking for paper jams.

How do I update printer drivers for my new HP printer?

Inaccuracies in printing might be caused by outdated or faulty drivers. Visit HP’s official website to download the latest drivers for your printer model and install them on your computer.

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